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Management Philosophy

PLANET as information infrastructure

PLANET’s business philosophy is based on two concepts; first, “the value of a company is equal to the value of the services it provides to society,” and “standardization leads to the streamlining of work.” PLANET’s users include raw materials suppliers, CPG/OTC manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We are constantly aware that our value as a company lies in our provision of valuable services to all of our clients.

PLANET provides electronic data interchange (EDI) services for companies. While data transmission has become commonplace since the advent of the Internet, what we provide is a reliable means for companies to exchange electronic data.

PLANET was established based upon an agreement forged among eight major manufacturers in the business of providing daily necessities and cosmetics. In the more than 25 years since then, companies representing a broad range of enterprises, including but not limited to those in the daily necessity/cosmetics business, have been eager to take advantage of PLANET’s data interchange services. We now support the vibrant business transactions of the entire CPG/OTC distribution and marketing sector, and conduct our business in the awareness of our responsibility to provide a platform for product distribution and marketing throughout Japan.

We at PLANET see our role as supporting the streamlining of the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector as a whole, which benefits each of the companies that make up the industry as well as consumers.

Corporate Mission

1.PLANET shall advance the streamlining of the work conducted by all of the compa nies which form the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector
(manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers) by constructing and operating an information infrastructure to be reasonably used by them, so as to strengthen the overall functioning of distribution and marketing structures, and by doing so also to contribute to improving the lives of the citizenry.

2.In providing our information infrastructure services PLANET respects the importance of the respective roles of each company making up the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector (manufacturers, distributors, and sellers), and conscientiously seeks to ensure that each can enjoy fair access to the benefits of our services.

3.PLANET respects the dignity of each of our employees and seeks to encourage their creativity while supporting their self-actualization through their careers.

The role of PLANET

1.PLANET continuously provides the following for the secure use of our customers:

  1. Safe services
  2. Neutral services
  3. Standardized services

2.PLANET continually conducts the following so as to provide optimal services:

  1. Research into the latest information and communication technologies (ICTs)
  2. Research into standards for ICT and distribution/marketing
  3. Research into changes in the structure of the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector

3.PLANET spares no effort in conducting the following measures to ensure the security of customer information:

  1. Constructing an information security management system
  2. Preventing unauthorized access and hacking
  3. Ensuring thorough security awareness on the part of our personnel