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For comprehensive industry streamlining

Before exchanging data, companies must confirm that their systems are compatible. While it may be that the fewer the clients the fewer the problems, if a company has 100 clients then in theory it will have to do the work for handling 100 system types.

What, then, is an effective solution in such a situation? The key is “standardization.” For example, one can use the products of any Japanese electronics manufacturer in Japan because there will be no trouble with the electrical socket configuration. That is because electrical sockets have been standardized so that they work irrespective of the manufacturer. Other familiar examples of this kind of standardization applied to all manufacturers are USB plugs for computers and Blu-ray Disc specifications.

At PLANET our core business is the standardization of data interchange among companies. Companies using our services can exchange standardized data with many other companies which similarly use our services simply by connecting PLANET. This means there is no need for companies to build their own data exchange systems, which makes our EDI very efficient in terms of both technology and cost.

Developing Businesses

EDI Business

EDI for Enterprise Systems / EDI for Procurement / Web-EDI / MITEOS, etc.

“EDI” is short for electronic data interchange, and refers to the exchange of data between companies via computers. The efficient exchange of highly precise data with many companies requires standardization. Standardization lies at the core of PLANET’s business, and enables the achievement of accurate data interchange among companies.

Database Business

Location database / CPG & OTC product database /
OTC medicines instructions database / Product master registration support services, etc.

This business supports and manages data such as codes and contact information about retailers/wholesalers, product information of CPG (text and images), and package inserts and instructions for OTC medicines, and provides the necessary data when it is needed. We also offer a service which streamlines the work involved in product master registration. Note: No. of retailers/wholesalers registered: about 430,000 / No. of product items registered: 810 manufacturers, 160,551 items

Buyers’ Net®

Product Lookup / Trend Markets / Business Navigator, etc.

This information provision service supports cooperative efforts among manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. It enables the perusal of data such as product information, industry news, and the campaigns of various companies. In addition, it makes it possible to send data securely to specific parties, streamlining the sharing of information among trading partners.