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A company that can contribute

Our role is to be of service

The standardized EDI network deployed by PLANET is becoming an indispensible as the information infrastructure for the CPG/OTC distribution and marketing sector. Nonetheless, given the difference between that kind of infrastructure and public infrastructure, such as roads and waterworks, the need for it is not well understood outside that sector.

The notion that “infrastructure is something built by government or public institutions” has been around for a long time. If people at the workplace come to realize the need for and benefits of a information infrastructure, they will view infrastructure as something we can create for ourselves, rather than having the government build it for us. We are now at a point in history where business leading society.

Contribution to consumers

Nowadays, the ability of consumers to access products at any time is a given. Therefore, volume retailers and convenience stores place orders, take deliveries, and stock displays on a daily basis. Providing a stable supply of products requires the accurate sharing of all product information, such as which and to what extent products are in short supply, production at manufacturers, product handling by wholesalers, and deliveries to retailers. As we have pointed out above, PLANET’s EDI is the vehicle for the smooth sharing that information.

For the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector

Companies are always in competition with their rivals. Even if a company is hypothetically aware of the need for an information infrastructure, the investment of company technology and funds in the establishment of infrastructure is problematic if it means that competitors will also have access to that infrastructure. That PLANET provides infrastructure equally to all companies makes us highly unusual as well as valued. PLANET, which is neither a manufacturer nor a wholesaler or retailer, is dedicated to bringing greater efficiency to the consumer goods distribution and marketing sector.

Why we listed our stock on the exchange

PLANET is a listed company. While one aspect of being a company listed on the stock exchange is the pursuit of profits, others include the disclosure of information to all users and proof of fairness and neutrality concerning the entire business community.

The execution of sound business practices is how we demonstrate that, as a publicly-traded company, we seek to contribute to the entire business community, rather than only to certain companies.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

We have constructed BCPs for implementation in the event of an emergency or disaster at our bases in both the Tokyo and Kansai regions and, put in place a triple-backup system. Furthermore, our new system that became operational in August 2011 provide substantial disaster recovery improvements. We also conduct regular annual disaster recovery exercises in which our corporate customers participate, including confirming that emergency contact networks are in place.

We provide an information infrastructure with a BCP not only for ourselves, but for the entire consumer goods distribution and marketing sector as well.

User Support

We offer multi-faceted customer support for those considering taking advantage of PLANET’s services.

We are also always on the lookout for technologies and information both in Japan and abroad, and work diligently to find ways for our enterprise customers to securely conduct new and stable business.

・We provide support for system connection, start-up, and operation.
・We hold user conferences and a variety of seminars.
・We publish newsletters.